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Xin Hua Electrical Equipment Co.Ltd is a professional electrical insulators manufacturer and a leading high voltage electrical insulators enterprise in China.The only Listed Company in Hebei province for insulators.

Since 1975, our founders began the production of insulators.

XHEinsulator is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Hebei Province, with a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a cooperative unit of Tsinghua University. It is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D and production of 6kV-1000kV composite insulators series for transmission and transformation lines, DC ±800,000 volt ultra-high voltage composite insulators series and AC 27.5 kV electrified railway contact network composite insulator series. Its series of composite insulator products for electrified railway contact nets are at the domestic leading level. The manufacturing technology of 750kV-1000kV super and ultra-high voltage composite insulators has reached the international advanced level, and is listed as a national key new product and independent innovation products of Hebei Province.

Located in Renqiu City, Hebei Province, it is the golden zone of Xiong’an Economic Circle. It is bordered by Beijing in the north and Tianjin in the east. It enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. Our company covers an area of 128,000 square meters and employs 230 people. The company manages strictly according to ISO9000 system. The production process is controlled by PPM digital management platform. It is the first to adopt bar code recognition control technology. Each of our products has its own bar code to facilitate customer tracking and identification, so that product quality is effective guarantee. The production process uses two technologies: extrusion sheathed umbrella and integral injection molding. Production equipment: 4 sets of 520B integral injection molding machine, 4 sets of 500B integral injection machine, 4 sets of 2500CC integral injection molding machine, 2 sets of squeeze machine, 3 sets of umbrella machine, 6 sets of rubber mixing machine, Finnish imported crimping machine 3 Taiwan and domestic 6000kN crimping machines 2, complete sets of tooling molds, to meet the production of different types of insulator products, the annual production capacity of 2.5 million standard

According to the needs of product classification and storage, the company has set up four warehouses, namely: raw materials,Finished goods, dangerous goods, and scrap storage. The materials and materials used for dust prevention, moisture prevention, temperature control, isolation and storage, and corresponding effective measures have been taken.

XHEinsulator has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University. It is the practice base for engineering masters of Tsinghua University, the distance education base of Tsinghua University, and the enterprise technology center recognized by the province. There are 45 technicians with senior technical titles. The technology center is equipped with testing. Test equipment: 1 set of 400kN mechanical load puller, 1 set of 1000kN mechanical load puller, and 1 set of 2000kN mechanical load puller. The high-voltage testing hall is equipped with one set of 1000kV power frequency test device, one set of 1350kV steep slope test device, one set of wind load test device, one set of large flexion and extension test device and one set of small flexion and extension test device. The physical and chemical laboratory is equipped with one set of leakage tracking device, one silicone rubber tear strength testing machine and one silicone rubber sulfur testing machine. The composite insulator for high-speed electrified railway contact network developed by Hebei Province is transformed by scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province. The center has identified the products and its products have reached the domestic leading level. The ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage AC 750kV-1000kV composite insulator manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level. Tsinghua University first used the pollution simulation to optimize the product structure and fill the gaps at home and abroad. Its products have independent intellectual property rights and all have achieved large-scale production