We always welcome new and old customers to visit our company and make progress together.
Our company’s sales performance and statements can be obtained from our sales staff.

Our Service and promise:
1. Pre-sales service: for the user’s design and application requirements, provide the required technical advice and related information to ensure the uniformity and applicability of the ordered insulators and other ancillary products. And the marketing department is responsible for establishing customer files, keeping in touch with customers at any time, transmitting information and information in a timely manner, promptly transferring user opinions to relevant departments, actively cooperating with the development of customer work, and providing quality services to the greatest extent possible.

2. During the sale of services: in strict accordance with national standards and technical agreements required quality and quantity on time delivery.
2.1. In the process of product manufacturing, users are welcome to go to the company to conduct on-site supervision on the selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, process management and factory test. The sales department properly arranges the life of the company’s supervisors and assists in their work; the technical department and the production department must actively cooperate with the supervisors and provide related services; if the customer does not dispatch the supervisors, the sales department’s service personnel are responsible for the production progress. Coordination of delivery schedule, on behalf of the buyer to supervise the quality of the product, to solve problems encountered in the factory, to ensure that the product meets the bidding documents and contract requirements, and to provide the buyer with production schedules and technical documents at any time.
2.2. The company will deliver the goods to the place designated by the customer on time; carefully carry out the work of inventory transfer to ensure that the quality and quantity of the products meet the requirements of the contract. The goods inventory is handled by the finished product library. If the site is found to be missing, it will be delivered to the site within three days. The company will send the material to the construction site at the fastest speed due to the lack of material and damage. The sales department is responsible for contacting the customer at any time to understand the customer’s usage. During the installation process, a technician or after-sales service team is sent to the site to guide the technical work. If the contract requires the personnel department of our company to properly install the training of the personnel using the synthetic insulator organization; the sales and marketing department is responsible for understanding the customer’s response and accepting the customer’s complaint, and will receive the information to the company’s responsible department in time, the company within 24 hours Send technicians to the customer’s location for processing, and provide some spare parts to serve customers wholeheartedly.

3.After-sales service: The company provides lifelong service for each insulators produced and sold, tracking and recording information about the operation of the insulators, including the accident report collected by our company, quality tracking inspection report, new technology adopted. Such successful experience and practice to assist customers in the maintenance and management of synthetic insulators; in the event of an accident, the company will rush to the scene 24 hours after receiving the telex and telephone calls from the user, and actively cooperate to solve the problem, such as Quality problems, free replacement, to help users restore the line as soon as possible.

In short, the company’s service tenet is: “To the quality of the market, to the service to the credibility, to the development of science and technology” Our goal is:” relying on scientific management and technological innovation to provide quality products and quality services to the majority of power users “.