Insulators workshop Production Ability:

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As the biggest insulators workshop in Hebei province, up to now, the Group covers an area of ​​128,000 square meters, and has more than 120,000 square meters of production workshops, high-pressure testing halls, physical and chemical laboratories, comprehensive office buildings and other infrastructure. 3,2000 square meters of automated production workshops are under construction to meet the needs of Chaos. The need for UHV insulator products.
Second, the production and testing equipment is perfect; the production capacity is 2 million standard composite insulators

Production and Test machines:

We have too many machines for the production to become the No.1 insulators manufacturer.
1. Production equipment: 7 sets of rubber mixing machine, 7 sets of mixing machine,and 7sets of kneading machine, 4 sets of 10000CC integral injection molding machine, 3 sets of 2500CC integral injection molding machine, 1 extrusion machine, 2 sets of umbrella machines, Finland 5 imported crimping machines and 2 domestic 600kN crimping machines.
2. Testing equipment: high-voltage testing hall: 1 set of 1000kV power frequency test device, 1 set of 1350kV steep slope test device, 1 large flexion and extension test machine, 1 small flexion and extension test machine; physical and chemical laboratory: 1 set of leakage tracking device, One silicone rubber tear strength testing machine, one silicone rubber sulfur testing machine, one 400kN mechanical load tensile machine, one 1000kN mechanical load tensile machine, and one 2000kN mechanical load tensile machine.
3. Storage facilities: According to the needs of product classification and storage, the company has established four warehouses, namely: raw materials Treasury, finished products Treasury, dangerous goods Treasury, and waste storage Treasury. The materials are dust-proof, moisture-proof, temperature-controlled, and isolated for storage and storage have been effectively classified and classified.

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