Overhead transmission distribution line insulators

Overhead transmission distribution line insulators

Overhead transmission distribution line insulators such as the ultra-high voltage 750KV large-tonnage insulator jointly developed by our XHEinsulator and Tsinghua University is operated by Lanzhou UHV Transmission and Distribution Company. Ultra-high pressure 330KV, 500KV, large-tonnage composite insulators have been safely operated on 50,000 power grids. The 500kv line includes the Dawu line, the Dabao line, the Baolan line, the Baonan line, the Jinan line, the Nanjing line, and the Gansu province line. The 330KV line includes the Woodlands Line, the Lanbao Line, and the Shanghai-Nanjing Line. The 330KV composite insulator contains the Huijin line; the 220KV line includes the Nantong line, the Guanghui line, the Chengkun line and so on. With the increase in sales performance, 10KV-750KV and other voltage grade products currently have more than 1 million of our electrical insulators are under safe operation in major power grids across the whole country.

Overhead transmission distribution line insulators type:

Voltage level 6KV-1000KV

Mechanical load 70KN-550KN

According to the function,the insulators can be classified into follows

Disc suspension polymer insulator/Disc suspension composite insulator

Pin composite insulator/polymer pin insulator

Suspension composite insulator/polymer suspension insulator

Post composite insulator/post polymer insulator

Dead-end polymer insulator

Our domestic projects for Overhead transmission distribution line insulators

overhead transmission distribution line insulators

Our advanced production technology can meet the needs of any electrified railway insulators, and can be customized according to customer needs.