Composite suspension insulator

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Composite Suspension insulator also called composite Strain insulator, are used for the rated voltage of 10kv~500kV AC power system in common and dirty areas, overhead transmission and distribution lines and substations with a frequency not exceeding 100Hz for drape and tensile strength.

The ambient temperature of the Suspension insulators installation site is between -40 °C and +40 °C, and the altitude is not more than 1000 m.
polymer Suspension insulators are widely used in the insulation and mechanical fixing of high-voltage overhead transmission lines and soft and bushings of power transmission and distribution. In the suspension insulator, it can be further divided into a polymer suspension insulators and a rod-shaped suspension insulators.

Composite Suspension insulator for AC transmission line
Voltage level 10 – 1000kV
Rated mechanical load 70-550kN
Composite Suspension insulator for DC transmission line
Voltage level ±500–±800kV
Rated mechanical load 160-550kN

Structure and Test

Silicon Rubber for sheds/housing.

Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core.

Hot dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings.

5000hours aging test from STRI Sweden & Prototype Test & Type Test & Factory Test ( Routine and Sampling Test ).

composite suspension insulator
composite suspension insulators

Composite suspension insulator is one of our dominant insulators for overhead transmission and distribution lines constructions.In XHEinsulator,you can tell us any of your request and we are able to make everything is possible with our high level production lines.