Disc insulator

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Disc insulator,also called Epoxy composite insulator or polymer disc insulator, belongs to Disc insulators with the special material to be made into .

Since April 2008, the company has developed an “epoxy composite insulator”, which uses a new type of composite insulator produced by advanced insulation materials and processes. The Disc polymer insulator has excellent water repellency and good electrical properties, and is also resistant to sand and cockle. On April 2, 2014, the 42nd Geneva International Invention Fair opened at the Geneva International Convention and Exhibition Center. XHEinsulator participated in the review of the “Glued Disc Suspension Composite Insulator” and “Insulation Composition, Applied Insulation Materials, Umbrella Covers” The two invention projects of the Insulators and the Manufacturing Law were awarded the Gold and Silver Awards respectively.
May 8, 2014 “Improving the Reliability Analysis of Qinghai-Tibet DC Transmission and Transformation Equipment and Key Technologies of Bird Protection” State Grid Corporation 2014 Science and Technology Project Launching Meeting: The company cooperates with Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School and China Electric Power Research Institute The “Anti-Bird New Composite Insulator” project will mean that this new technology (new product) is about to be transformed into a productivity application.

Except Disc polymer insulator,XHEinsulator can also produce PRTV disc insulators,also called disc hard suspension composite insulator.This insulator is sprayed on the surface of the hard insulator to form a protective film with a special process for better insulation