Urban rail transit insulators

Urban rail transit insulators are always ones of our electrical insulators researching area.Our company has never stopped researching and developing the production technology of composite insulators for many years. Since 2004, in order to follow the development pace of the urban rail transit industry, our company has independently developed a series of composite insulators for urban rail transit contact nets ,produced by the crimp-type integral injection molding process. Used for 750V-1500V urban rail transit contact network lines. It has passed the inspection of the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Railways and won the Science and Technology Achievement Award from Hebei Province. The composite insulators for urban rail transit produced by our company have been successfully operated in the rail transit of major cities in China. Including Guangzhou Metro, Shanghai Metro, Nanjing Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Chongqing Metro, Beijing Metro and many more. It turns out that our urban rail transit composite insulator products have high anti-fouling ability and good electrical and mechanical properties. It is the first choice for urban rail transit insulators in major cities in China.


Type of composite insulators of urban rail transit

Rod strain insulator

Anchor anchor composite insulator

Hanging hard composite insulator

Integrated wrist arm support composite insulator

Composite insulating rods


Urban rail transit insulators projects of XHE insulators

Urban rail transit insulators

Our advanced production technology can meet the needs of any electrified railway insulators, and can be customized according to customer needs.